Organic Garlic Varieties For Seed or Table

At Swallowtail Farm we take great pride in growing excellent organic garlic, free from pesticides and herbicides of any kind.  While not certified organic, we use organic farming practices.  It is that excellence and attention to its cultivation that has earned us awards of excellence.

Eastern Ontario Reserve Champion Producers, Award Winners and Award Winners at the Carp Garlic Festival!

We are pleased to bring the same award winning  excellence in organic garlic grown at Swallowtail Farm to you as seed garlic or eating garlic.


Rocambole………………….Marino, Italian Purple, French Rocambole & Alison Porcelain…………………..Georgia Crystal, Mennonite, Susan Delafields and                                                              Great Northern.
Purple Stripe……………..Red Russian

Purple Stripe Marble…   Khabar, Eureka Myrtis

Garlic is either soft neck or hard neck.  We grow hard neck, especially suited to our cold winters. In that category, there are several types or families.  We grow  Rocambole, Porcelain, Purple Stripe, Purple Stripe Marble & Artichoke .  All our garlic is good for seed or planting garlic and eating or table garlic.


  • Bulbs produce 6-11 large, brown skin cloves, skins that peel easily, with a deep full-bodied exceptional flavour.
  • Average 7 cloves.
  • Good keeper.
  • Available for 2018: Italian Purple, French Rocambole, Marino & Alison


  • Strong vigourous plant 4-6 large cloves in a beautiful large bulb with a fairly thick white wrapper.
  • Easy to peel and the large cloves are good for roasting.
  • Available for 2018: Great Northern, Susan Delafields, Mennonite and Georgia Crystal.


  • Vivid purple stripes on the bulb wrappers and also found on the skins of the cloves.  Average 8 cloves per bulb.
  • Strong, complex and rich flavour without being overpowering. Excellent for roasting.
  • Purple stripe garlic makes beautiful garlic braids.
  • Available for 2018:  Red Russian, Khabar, Eureka Myrtis


  • Artichoke Garlic is a soft neck variety of garlic and is great for braids.
  • Milder tasting garlic it has three or more layers of cloves
  •  Large white bulbs with many light coloured cloves, very prolific and tasty garlic.  Excellent  keeper.
  • Available for 2018:  Portugeorge (a selection from Al Picketts at Eureka Garlic in PEI)

We may have limited quantities of a Heritage Newfoundland Garlic, found to be grown there for 300-400 years and of Eureka Myrtis, a lovely Purple Stripe Marble.   Please inquire in the summer.

To order garlic, please contact us at (613) 264-0809 or use the form below.[si-contact-form form=’1′]