Muscovy Ducks

Available at the farm, or Carp Farmers Market

Roast Muscovy Duck
Roast Muscovy Duck

Muscovy duck is prized for its deep red, lean meat and beautiful flavor. This thin-skinned duck has up to 40% less fat than its Peking counterpart, and thus, renders much less fat in cooking. Muscovy ducks also have a higher meat-to-bone ratio and a larger breast than Peking ducks of the same weight.

Raised on our farm near Perth Ontario, our Muscovy ducks never receive any growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

The flavorful and tender meat of the Muscovy duck is delicious  especially when served with mixed organic mushrooms. It is also an ideal match for tart, fruit-based sauces, or a glaze of honey or plum sauce.

Limited availability, ready in December, call or e-mail for pricing and ordering.

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