Our Garlic Store… Pre-Order!!

Swallowtail Farm will have our full line of farm & garlic products available at Swallowtail Farm, Carp Farmers Market and the Carp Garlic Festival .   Sales are still open for the 2020 season.   Email us or call us for details. (613) 264 -0809 at the farm.

Thank you for supporting  Swallowtail Farm Garlic!
We are taking orders for 2021, CONTACT THE FARM FOR NEW ORDERS.

Pre-Order Fresh Garlic and Garlic Scapes from our 2021 Garlic Harvest

See our varieties listed for sale and pre-order to ensure your choice is not sold out.  First come first serve!

Garlic Scapes.

  • $3.50/ bundle (9-10)
  • Musical and lyrical in their growth, they are packed with a milder garlic flavour. and are the edible and delicious flower stalk of the hardneck garlic.
  • They are very tasty and versatile to use in the kitchen, store well for a month or two in the refrigerator or can be frozen for later use.  Grill them or try them in soups, stews, stir fry,  omelettes, pestos, and or as a steamed vegetable.

Table or Eating Garlic

  • $20.00/lb. packaged in 1 lb. bags or in tied bundles
  • All varieties available

Seed Garlic

  • All varieties available.  Our seed garlic is made up of our biggest and best garlic bulbs.
  • 1-5 Bulbs=$4.00/bulb.  
  • 6-50 Bulbs=$3.50/bulb
  • 50 bulbs or more = $3.00/bulb.
  • Flat rate shipping $25.00
  • For large orders, please contact us at (613) 264-0809

To order please use the form below or call (613) 264-0809

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